Finding effective help for an alcohol problem for yourself or a loved one is a major challenge.

There are many options, but some may prove to be less effective than participating in no program at all. Find information here to help make the decision that’s best for you or your loved one.

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Does Your Teen Drink Alcohol or Do Drugs?

It’s natural to panic if you discover that your teen is either drinking or using drugs illicitly. Our first reaction as parents is to do something, anything, to deal with the problem and to do it immediately. That’s a great danger because... [+]

Underage Drinking: What NOT to Do

It’s very important for parents not to over-react when they discover their underage child drinking alcohol. Most young people will experiment with alcohol and this is both natural and to be expected... [+]

Are You an Enabler for a Problem Drinker?

Enabling occurs whenever a person makes it easier for an alcoholic to continue drinking and engaging in unacceptable behavior. By enabling, we allow the alcoholic to avoid the negative effects of their actions and easier for them to continue behaving irresponsibly... [+]

How to Help Someone Who Drinks Too Much

Anne M. Fletcher approached the question of how to help those who drink too much in a very logical way. She asked hundreds of people who had successfully dealt with their drinking problems how other people had helped them either moderate or eliminate their drinking... [+]

Helping & Coping with an Alcoholic Loved One

Alcoholism expert Kenneth Anderson provides six practical steps for helping a partner achieve control over the loved ones drinking behavior. Step one is to establish boundaries and use harm reduction practices... [+]

Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism: Self-Help Info

Reading and following suggestions found in self-help books on alcoholism recovery may make it easier for people to achieve their goals of either abstaining or drinking in moderation. Two lists of alcoholism self-help books... [+]

Checklist for Choosing a Rehab

Choosing a facility for help in overcoming an alcohol or drug problem is a very personal decision. However, there are some essential indicators of minimal quality that should never be ignored. The most important indicator... [+]

Success Rate Claims

When you call treatment centers for information about their programs, you are trusting somebody at the other end of the phone to tell you the truth. Sometimes that happens, but often it does not... [+]

Are 12 Step Programs Helpful?

Twelve step programs are those based on a set of largely religious or spiritual principles developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and now often used in an effort to help alcoholics and addicts recovery. How effective are these programs... [+]