Alternatives Addiction Treatment is well-named. It offers alternatives — programs for either abstinence or for controlled drinking. Both alternatives are provided on a flexible out-patient basis.

Clients receive a comprehensive assessment including numerous tests and evaluations performed by a physician, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist who holds a Ph.D. This provides a knowledge base to help clients make informed decisions about what treatment options they might want to choose.

Alternatives Addiction TreatmentBrain science is fundamental to the Alternatives approach and the Alternatives Brain Institute offers a diversity of services that can help clients achieve their objectives. Its services are an integral part of programs, including the One-Week Intensive Addiction Treatment Program (“Self-Care Bootcamp”), the Short Intensive Alternatives Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program  (a two -month intensive outpatient experience), and the Full Recovery Alternatives Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program (a six-month intensive outpatient experience).

In addition, Alternatives offers aftercare and other services that clients may find helpful.  It is  approved by major insurance companies such as Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Group, and First Health.

Alternatives Addiction Treatment was co-founded by Dr. Marc Kern and Dr. Adi Jaffe. It builds upon  the private practice established by Dr. Kern in 1983 to provide clients with non-12-step addiction treatment alternatives.

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