Negative Advertising by Alcohol Rehabs

Negative advertising by alcohol or drug rehabs is completely unprofessional. The few rehabs that engage in this behavior describe themselves as non-12-step programs. They can be passed over as choices because there plenty of other non-12-step programs that don’t use negative advertising. In fact, about one-fourth of all rehabs in the United States are non-12-step.… [+]

Cognitive Behavioral Education & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral education (CBE) should not be mistaken for Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or vice versa. Unfortunately, their names are similar. Worse, their acronyms, CBE and CBT, sound almost identical. This confuses the public. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a highly evidence-based therapeutic approach widely used for alcoholism and drug addiction. This technique has also long… [+]

Can Alcoholics Ever Drink in a Moderation?

Can alcoholics ever drink in moderation? This an important question of vital interest to alcoholics and their families. [boxed_insert]            Overview I.   Alcoholics Anonymous Theory II.  But Many Can Drink Moderately III. Who’s Right? IV.  Resources [/boxed_insert] I. Alcoholics Anonymous Theory The old Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) adage “once a pickle, never… [+]

St. Jude Retreats, Scientology & Narconon

A few years ago, “Baldwin Research Institute — A Scientology Fraud?” appeared as a thread on the website. The Baldwin Research Institute owns and operates the St. Jude Retreats. The person who raised the question expressed concern that St. Jude Retreats was a Scientology organization that had “escaped detection” and observed that on the… [+]

Alcohol Treatment Programs & Rehabs

Alcohol Treatment Programs are often More about Money than Helping People Alcohol treatment programs are an enormous and highly profitable. It brings in billions of dollars to its owners each year. But it’s also very, very competitive. Each bed filled brings into a company many thousands of dollars. To lure customers (clients, patients, or “guests”),… [+]