How to Help Someone Who Drinks Too Much

Anne M. Fletcher approached the question of how to help someone who drinks too much in a very logical way. She asked hundreds of people who had successfully dealt with their drinking problems how other people had helped them either moderate or eliminate their drinking. The results are summarized in the following nine recommendations that are included in… [+]

Alternative to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

Looking for an effective alternative to AA? Many people find AA and other 12-step meetings to be embarrassing, time consuming and, worst of all, ineffective. Effective Alternative to AA The good news is that there are effective alternatives. One that is based on both scientific and practical evidence is the HAMS network. HAMS stands for… [+]

St. Gregory Retreat Center for Alcoholism

The St. Gregory Retreat Center is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), licensed to provide on-site medical detoxification services, accepts most health insurance, and is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Accreditation by CARF is important because it assures clients that the facility and program meet high professional… [+]

7 Tools to Beat Addiction

7 Tools to Beat Addiction is by internationally respected addiction expert Dr. Stanton Peele. It provides proven methods for overcoming addiction with or without treatment. Experts in the addictions field hold 7 Tools to Beat Addictions in high regard. Here’s a sample. “This volume presents a revolutionary approach to the treatment of addictive disorders. It provides clear helpful… [+]

Her Best-Kept Secret by Gabrielle Glasser

Rarely does a book appear that is both enjoyably readable and highly informative. Such a rare gem is Gabrielle Glasser’s Her Best-Kept Secret:. Why Women Drink – And How they Can Regain Control. The sub-title correctly suggests the practical value for women (as well as men) to apply evidence-based approaches to either control their drinking or… [+]

Alternatives Addiction Treatment Program for Alcohol

Alternatives Addiction Treatment is well-named. It offers alternatives — programs for either abstinence or for controlled drinking. Both alternatives are provided on a flexible out-patient basis. Clients receive a comprehensive assessment including numerous tests and evaluations performed by a physician, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist who holds a Ph.D. This provides a knowledge base to… [+]

Practical Recovery from Alcoholism

Practical Recovery is a non-12-step program. It uses a highly individualized, self-empowering approach to addiction treatment and recovery.  The program  views “self-empowering” as meaning that the power to change lies within the individual. It is not found in another person,  group, or Higher Power. The program helps those who want full recovery instead of being… [+]